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Ceiling Mounted Flush Kit


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Mains Power - Ceiling Mounted Urinal Sensor and Solenoid Flush Valve

#ET3-RAC Mains Power only

Connected directly to the mains water supply; the sensor unit is a discreet ceiling mounted option. It is capable of flushing either a single urinal, twin urinals or a trough. Smart technology and unique directional sensors, exclusive to Enviro-Tech, will ensure maximum water savings.

This highly efficient urinal flush valve has an optional pre-flush and uses only 0.8l of water per flush when installed with a single urinal. It is suitable for installation with stainless steel urinals or troughs. No cistern is required, simply house the solenoid in the roof space/cavity and connect it to the sensor and water supply.

When visitor numbers are more frequent, the sensor recognises the increased level of usage and modifies the flush cycle to maintain water efficiency. Sensor will still activate the flush after 2 minutes regardless of activity level.

Suitable for all situations where ceiling mount is preferred. A practical option for use in areas where the wearing of high-visibility clothing is usual.

Ideal for use in all commercial bathrooms including, Offices, Stadiums, Malls, Manufacturing as well as Schools and Public buildings.


  • Pre-flush option
  • Pre-set flush time of 4 seconds - can be adjusted
  • Single or twin urinal application
  • Trough urinal up to 1.6m
  • Adjustable detection zone
  • Ceiling mounted - Height up to 3M
  • No cistern is required

Technical Parameters

  • Water Pressure 100kPa - 500kPa (recommended 350kPa)
  • Water temperature 1-50C
  • Mains Power supply only: 240V transformer
  • Power consumption 900mA
  • Flush volume for single urinal - 0.8l at 350kPa
  • Inductive confirmation times - 6 times within 5 seconds
  • Reset time - 20 seconds after flush
  • Trap seal protection - auto flush every 6 hours of inactivity
  • Ensure solenoid remains accessible for ease of maintenance
  • Water inlet G1/2"
  • IP54

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