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Sensor Plate & Spout


Sensor Plate and Spout

#ET2-20.5DC (battery only)
#ET2-20.5AC/DC (mains with battery back-up)

The sensor is wall mounted and is activated by standing in front of the sensor plate. A 1-2 second time delay and specially set activation zones will eliminate false activation by passing traffic. It a very practical option for all areas where hygiene is the priority.

Placement of the sensor, allows for this tap to be considered for installation in all areas where stainless steel basins or troughs are installed. Although, in some situations, you may still need to consider how light and reflective surfaces could affect the sensor.

The minimal surfaces and practical design make this sensor tap ideal for installation above Hospital scrub sinks, in Medical Clinics, Laboratories, Supermarkets, Manufacturing or Industry.


  • Low energy consumption and long life batteries allow for up to 110,000 cycles battery life
  • No set run time - will only activate when 'body' is detected in sensor field
  • Hygienic 'no-touch' operation
  • Automatic shut off after one minute if sensor becomes obstructed
  • Wall Mounted Sensor Plate
  • Magnetic stainless steel sensor plate cover
  • 1-2 Second time delay to eliminate false activation
  • Slim spout design with minimal surfaces
  • 6 Star WELS rating
  • AS/NZS 3718
  • WaterMark

Technical Parameters

  • Water Pressure 100kPa - 500kPa
  • Single feed water supply
  • Recessed solenoid box - minimum cavity depth of 90mm required
  • Easy access to all parts through stainless steel sensor face plate for maintenance
  • Water temperature 1-50ºC
  • Power supply DC6V (4xAA Batteries), or mains with battery supply back up.
  • Power consumption static ≤ 0.5W (DC), ≤ 3W (AC); standby 0.003W
  • Water inlet G ½"
  • Detection zone 300-600mm (adjustable)
  • Respond time 1-2 Seconds
  • Single feed water supply
  • IP54

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