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Hands-free Sensor Taps and Sensor Operated Bathroom Technology

Enviro-Tech specialises in Sensor Taps, Sensor Urinal and Sensor Toilet Flush Valves, we are experts in the field of hands-free bathroom technology and are committed to providing the most innovative water-saving solutions for your project.

Our focus is on bringing you the most up to date sensor technology and the newest designs at the best prices. We invest heavily in product development to provide our customers with the latest in reliable sensor operated technology.
Sensor Taps

We have an extensive range of Watermarked and 6-Star WELS rated sensor taps which allow for hygienic, water saving taps to be installed in any commercial or residential bathroom. We have many modern cutting edge sensor tap designs which are highly suitable for use in restaurants, hotels, offices, function centres or your en-suite bathroom. We also have a good range of sturdy and practical sensor taps which are ideal for use in education projects, hospitals, industry or aged care developments.

Don't be fooled by cheap versions on overseas websites, Enviro-Tech products are NOT the same. All our products are assembled by us, using locally and overseas sourced parts that are compliant with Australian and New Zealand Standards.

Sensor Urinal Flush Valves

We are proud to be able to say that Enviro-Tech developed and introduced into the Australasian market, the first Smart Demand 6-Star WELS rated, sensor urinal flush valve which is suitable for installation with most individual ceramic urinals. This extremely water efficient solution uses only 0.8l of water per flush, has a built-in stadium mode and hygiene flush. The installation method means that it can be installed with most existing ceramic urinals making it a good option for retrofit. All parts are concealed for a seamless Bathroom Design.

We have since added a discreet ceiling mounted sensor operated urinal flush valve to our range. This 6-Star WELS rated flush valve is designed to flush multiple or slab urinals and is highly efficient, using only 0.8l of water per flush for a single urinal. No cistern is required, ensuring water savings when upgrading from existing systems.

Another great option for flushing of individual urinals is our ET3-12 sensor urinal flush valve. A simple and neat solution that can operated by battery only, allowing for installation where access to mains power is not possible. A great retrofit option. Just install in-wall above the urinal, only the stainless steel face plate is visible in the bathroom. The magnetic face plate can be removed easily and provides access to all components for trouble free maintenance. This sensor flush valve is still highly water efficient, it only uses 0.9l of water per flush and is 5-Star WELS rated.

Sensor Toilet Flush Systems

Our innovatively designed 4-Star WELS, dual flush sensor operated toilet flush system continues to be popular choice for use in high-end, commercial projects and in large scale Apartment developments. But it should not to be overlooked for use in the humble residential bathroom. The black glass LED face plate will suit most bathroom designs. It offers hands-free no-touch operation with automatic activation if the user forgets to flush as well as a manual override function, a great choice for any home. The slim in-wall cistern can be installed with most wall faced or wall hung toilet pans for optimal design freedom.

Alternatively, we also offer a mains pressure dual flush toilet flush valve. A great option for commercial bathrooms in high demand areas such as airports, shopping malls or service stations as there is no need to wait for the cistern to fill between users. Easy to install in-wall with only the stainless steel face plate visible in the bathroom. Access to all components through the face plate for ease of maintenance. With the added benefit of a manual override button for the ultimate in user comfort.

Sensor Operated Soap Dispensers

More recently, in response to client feedback and the need to improve hygiene in commercial washrooms, we have extended our range of sensor operated soap dispensers to include wall mounted as well as basin mounted models. Our latest designs can be stand alone but have been styled to match our most popular sensor tap models and will suit either a commercial or domestic bathroom.

All our dispensers use the same quality components and sensor technology as our sensor taps and can be either battery operated or mains powered. They are designed for use with a free flowing liquid soap and you can be assured that they have been manufactured with the commercial washroom in mind.

Sensor Operated Shower Valve

A sometimes overlooked area in a bathroom, our sensor operated shower valve is worthy of consideration. It is designed with water saving in mind and will only operate when a body is within the sensor field. More traditionally used in Gyms and Campgrounds, it is also ideal for use in Aged care or disabled bathrooms. Made of high quality stainless steel with advanced waterproofing and sensor technology, it operates on battery power only, is easy to install and is ideal for retrofit situations.

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