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Infra-red Sensor Urinal


Electronic Wall Mounted Sensor Urinal Flush Valve 

A cost-effective, infra-red sensor and valve kit for installation with an individual urinal.

The ET3-12 urinal flush valve is highly water efficient, using only 0.9 litres of water per flush. It can be operated by battery power only which allows for installation when access to mains power is not possible. This is an ideal option for retrofit installations.

The solenoid housing is simply installed in-wall above the urinal, leaving only the stainless steel faceplate visible in the bathroom. The faceplate is magnetic and can easily be removed to provide access to all components for ease of maintenance. There is no need for false walls or cistern maintenance.

The flexibility of this product means that is suitable for any public bathroom. Ideal for use in schools, stadiums, all commercial and public toilets.


  • Hygienic 'no touch' operation
  • Only 0.9l per flush
  • Stadium mode
  • Hygiene flush every 24 hours if not used
  • Can be battery powered only - 4xAA batteries required
  • Low energy consumption and use of long life batteries allow for up to 110,000 cycles battery life
  • Flashing LED light to indicate low battery (when using battery only)
  • Adjustable flow restrictor
  • Solid bronze position valve
  • Vandal resistant stainless steel faceplate
  • Easy access to all components through front faceplate
  • Suitable for top and back inlet
  • Pre-flush
  • Watermark

Technical Parameters

  • Water Pressure 100kPa - 500kPa
  • Water temperature 1-50ºC
  • Power supply DC6V (4 x AA Batteries)
  • Power consumption static ≤0.5W(DC), ≤3W(AC)
  • Water inlet G ½"
  • Usage confirmation time of 5 seconds
  • Response time 1-2 Seconds
  • 10 second reset after flush
  • Detection zone 750-800mm (adjustable)
  • IP54

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